Kimmie Love

Hello and thank you for visiting Golden Kee. I am Kimmie Love the founder and owner. Born and raised in Georgia and currently residing in the greater Atlanta area,  I am a spiritual practitioner, who has studied different pantheons and cultures. My spiritual journey began with my ancestors, and my family has practiced variations of spirituality from Christianity to Hoodoo.


An adamant advocate of self-care and self-love. Claircognizant and highly intuitive, I provided numerous services from reading, individual coaching and a growing line of products. Golden Kee was birth to assist those looking to deepen their own spiritual practices and work with the universal laws to create the desired results.


You know how old Black folks used to be like “She put her foot in that pie”? Well, Kimmie puts her foot in everythang!

The energy from her Spoil Me Ritual has me defining and accepting everything i deserve!

Gon’ head and visit www.goldenkee.com. Her readings are on point as well!

Sierra Reese

Astrology Reading Testimonial

I found out from my astrology reading with Kimmie Love that we are in 4 retrogrades at the moment, and 5th is coming to join it…..

Having my reading done has really helped me to understand myself, my character, why I make certain decisions, how I am being affected right now, and how to use it to my advantage.

Thanks again Kimmie…..

Honestly has made a difference just to have an understanding. Very Grateful 🙏 💛

Le Anne